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Funny HaircutDog Scents is committed to clean safe, high quality grooming care for all the dogs we groom. We strongly believe that the grooming experience should be positive and treat all our dogs with understanding and dignity. We provide safe handling and a clean secure environment, with individual attention in a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

We use only quality shampoos and cleaning agents that are gentle and safe for the dog. Room temperature dryers are used, for added comfort and care of the dogs.

The dog’s care is our number one component. In our rural setting, dogs’ comfort and care are the most important. We groom to our client’s specifications, with the utmost care and consideration to our client’s ‘family friend’.

With ‘top of the line’ stainless steel modular cages, the dog is safe and in a secure environment. When delivering their dog to us, a brief tour of the grooming room is available. A contract is signed outlining our regulations and policies. A time for pick up is issued for completion of our client’s dogs grooming experience with Dog Scents.

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