Paving the path to a great relationship with your dog.

Dog Scents will help you train your dog effectively through dog friendly techniques and therefore become lifelong companions in the family, based on mutual trust and respect. Promoting relationships between dogs and people by educating owners in canine behavior and emphasizing professionalism and reward based behaviour.

Trish Foley

Professional handler/trainer with qualification awards. Licensed groomer. A wealth of knowledge and ready to help you enjoy a fulfilling journey with your dog.


Whether you need training, boarding, board and train, grooming, DogScents is ready to help you achieve your goals for your dog.


We are a distributor and user of Performance products for wellness supplements such as K9 Power, or training supplies from top European suppliers.

training sessions

Book one on one training
sessions with Trish.
Private lessons are adapted to your dog’s need and your goals.
We provide a package of 6 one-hour sessions.
Nosework with TrishIntroduction to scent detection. These lessons focus on finding a specific scent on a scent box and building a distinct indication to the handler. We also work on handling as it applies to nosework. A package of 6 private 30 minute lessons.$240
Starting in May 2024We will be starting the group lessons. These lessons focus on basic life skills necessary to have a good citizen dog.

Our course goals include:
 – Sitting nicely for greetings and while owners converse
 – Dog will walk nicely through a busy area with dogs, people, and moving distractions
 – Sit/Down on command and Stay in place
 – Dogs will work on recall
 – Dogs will be able to move through doorways in a polite manner
 – Dogs will remain calm or mildly interested in the presence of other dogs and

Partnership and skills

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