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Family Pet Training

Our Services are family pet training, small group classes, or personal one on one instruction geared to the individual dogs needs.

At Dog Scents, we prepare clients and their dog for a lifetime of happiness and understanding, how to earn respect and trust. We fully educate clients, inform and empower “CLIENTS” to train and positively change the behavior of their dog. Our ultimate goal is the opportunity for a dog to become relaxed, confident and wanting to please its owner.

We will help you train your dog effectively through dog friendly techniques and therefore become lifelong companions in the family, based on mutual trust respect. Promoting relationships between dogs and people by educating owners’ in canine behavior and emphasizing professionalism and reward based behavior.

Competitive obedience / tracking

As a successful competitor herself, Trish will teach you all the fundamental to have a successful path to competitions. She will create a successful relationship with you and your dog by building trust and mutual understanding, effective communication between the human and the dog. She will provide you all the necessary fundamentals to understand and pursue a training program for your dog that will allow you to achieve your competitive goals.

DogScents Competitors

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Board and Train

If you’re overwhelmed training a new puppy or if your dog prove to be a greater challenge than you are able to handle, DogScents can help. During your dog’s stay, it will receive a daily dose of training, exercise, rest, and play, practicing proper manners and socialization in a controlled and safeenvironment. The first few days begin at low intensity, where your dog will adjust to his or her new environment and settle in. After the initial warm-up period, your dog will be trained multiple times a day on obedience commands, general manners and as well as targeted behaviour modification. Once the stay is complete, Trish will give you the proper instruction and program to have a happy and safe dog.


Dog Scents grooming services are designed to give our client’s dog a comfortable experience in a grooming day. We use only quality shampoos and cleaning agents that are gentle and safe for our client’s dog. Room temperature dryers are used, and our clips are done with patience and care, to a breed specific style, if desired.


We are happy to announce that Alexandria Krawczuk has joined the Dog Scents team. This means we are now accepting new grooming clients.

Alexandria has extensive grooming experience.  She brings a gentle caring touch to her craft.  Alexandria takes pride in providing personalized attention for a comfortable and enjoyable session.

All clean and looking good

Life is good


We offer a comfortable and safe place for your dogs while you’re away. Walks, treats, playtime offered to ensure your dog enjoys his or her vacation time as much as you.

Our boarding kennel is a quiet, peaceful and secure setting with 4 exclusive individual dog kennels and attached 6×12 run. Additionally we have two large yards for those important potty breaks. We also have a fully fenced training field to accomodate our guests for a good exercise session.

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