Trish Foley

Trish is a member of the Canadian German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada (GSSCC), York Region Schutzhund Club. Trish was formerly a member of the CKC and a Good Neighbour Evaluator and a past member of the National Stock Dog Association (cattle dog herding).

Trish is the founder and Principal Owner, Operator and Head Trainer at Dog Scents.

At Dog Scents we help owners learn to train their dog through one-on-one private lessons, group lessons or through our Board and Train program where we train your dog, followed by teaching owners how to manage their dogs.

Trish helps owners and handlers turn their dogs into enjoyable companions or for those looking to compete in a range of Dog Sports. Since 1998 Trish actively trains her own dogs and competes at Local, Regional and National events. Trish continues to expand her knowledge through formal seminars and mentorship.

Achievements include: 

  • Working at her family operation cattle and horse farm, Trish owned and trained and 8 Australian Shepherds from the National Stock Dog Association, as well as breeding working Aussies
  • Garth, Rottweiler, competing at CKC confirmation shows
  • Heike, Rottweiler, Top Seigrin (Show title), Rottweiler Club of Canada
  • Heike, Rottweiler, SchH1, Achieving high protection in Trial and High SchH1
  • Cara, German Shepherd, SchH 1, SchH 2, SchH3, FH competing at local, regional and National GSSCC events. Showcased in several movies and TV series.
  • Colt, German Shepherd, BH and a tracking score of 98.
  • Isla, German Shepherd, SchH 1, SchH2, SchH3, trained to perform a variety of tricks and frequently participates in Dog Scents training classes.
  • Dermot, German Shepherd, SchH1, SchH2, SchH3, competing at local, regional and national events (achieving a World competing qualifying score)

Championed and mentored numerous handlers achieve success in competition.

Our “All in One” dog facility strives to make the dog look and feel the best, the quality service and relationship with our clients and their dogs, is our top priority.

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners, by maintaining the highest standards of grooming and training, with care and compassion.

Trish’s passion is working with dogs and owners helping owners turn their dogs into more enjoyable members of their family and showing owners and handlers what their dog is REALLY capable of, whether as a pet or a dog for competition. When not training dogs and helping dog owners, Trish enjoys keeping busy maintain her 10.5-acre property in Georgina, Ontario.

25542 Park Road
Sutton West, ON L0E1R0